Music at the Forefront

Music at the Forefront

a showcase for new and exciting performers of contemporary music.

Music at the Forefront events take place in venues at the Moore Musical Arts Center on the campus of Bowling Green State University and at the historic Clazel Theatre in downtown Bowling Green.

Due East

Erin Lesser, flute and Greg Beyer, percussion
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

8 p.m., Clazel Theatre (suggested donation $2-5)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
8:00 p.m., Bryan Recital Hall (free)

Caleb Burhans and Grey McMurray
Wednesday, February 8, 2012

8 p.m., Clazel Theatre(suggested donation $2-5)

Thursday, February 9, 2012
8:00 p.m., Bryan Recital Hall (free)

Alarm Will Sound
March 26-29, 2012

A special extended residency presented in collaboration with the CMA’s Festival Series. In addition to residency activities, AWS will perform a concert on Wednesday, March 28 at 8 p.m. in Kobacker Hall.

Previous Forefront events:

Lisa Moore, piano
December 1 & 2, 2010, Clazel Theatre and Bryan Recital Hall

Anubis Saxophone Quartet
February 7, 2011, Bryan Recital Hall

janus trio
March 3, 2011, Bryan Recital Hall

March 15, 2010, Bryan Recital Hall


Robert Dick, flute
September 17, 2009, Bryan Recital Hall

Alan Feinberg, piano
November 19, 2009, Bryan Recital Hall

Marianne Gythfeldt, clarinet
February 8, 2010, Bryan Recital Hall

Tony Arnold, soprano, and Movses Pogossian, violin
March 15, 2010, Bryan Recital Hall


Claire Chase, flute
with Jacob Greenberg, piano and Nathan Davis, electronics
November 17, 2008, Bryan Recital Hall

Odd Appetite
Ha-Yang Kim, cello and Nathan Davis, percussion
February 2, 2009, Bryan Recital Hall

The Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo
March 16, 2009, Bryan Recital Hall


Goury-Josset Duo
Jean-Michel Goury, saxophone and Yves Josset, piano
December 3, 2007, Bryan Recital Hall

Three for Two
Harvey Sollberger, flute and Paul Bowman, guitar
January 28, 2008, Bryan Recital Hall

Marilyn Nonken, piano
February 18, 2008, Bryan Recital Hall

Lorena Guillen and Lisa Surace, sopranos
March 31, 2008, Bryan Recital Hall


Voices of Dissent
Janice Misurell-Mitchell, flute and Dane Richeson, percussion
with John Sampen, saxophone, Marilyn Shrude, piano, and Robert Satterlee, piano
February 26, 2007, Bryan Recital Hall

Craig Hultgren
The Elecroacoustic Cello Book
February 5, 2007, Bryan Recital Hall

Duo Saxophonic
Lars Mlekusch, saxophone and Thomas Peter, electronics
November 20, 2006, Bryan Recital Hall


duo runedako
Ruth Neville and Daniel Koppelman, piano
February 27, 2006, Bryan Recital Hall

John Cheek, piano
April 10, 2006, Bryan Recital Hall


ConText Performers Collective
Ayano Kataoka and Sylvia Smith, percussion
September 17, 2004, Bryan Recital Hall

Music from the Cleveland Composers Guild
November 15, 2004, Bryan Recital Hall

Daniel Lippel, guitar
February 14, 2005, Bryan Recital Hall


Steve Gilewski, double bass
February 12, 2004, Bryan Recital Hall

Meg Sheppard, voice and drama, and composer alcides lanza
March 29, 2004, Bryan Recital Hall


F. Gerard Errante, clarinet
September 14, 2002, Bryan Recital Hall

Tom Plsek, trombone
March 22, 2003, Bryan Recital Hall


Madeleine Shapiro, cello, and Robert Conway, piano
September 14, 2001, Bryan Recital Hall

Marcus Weiss, saxophone
February 5, 2002, Bryan Recital Hall

Lucia Bova, harp
February 24, 2002, Bryan Recital Hall


Duo Alterno—The Italian Contemporary Voice
Tiziana Scandaletti, soprano, and Riccardo Piacentini, pianoforte
September 14, 2000, Bryan Recital Hall

Anne-Marie Donovan, mezzo-soprano, and Lisa Godwin, piano
February 23, 2001, Bryan Recital Hall

Kristine H. Burns, Russel Pinkston and Anna Rubin, electroacoustic music
March 28, 2001, Bryan Recital Hall


David Burge, piano
October 22, 1999, Kobacker Hall

William O. Smith and Eric P. Mandat, clarinet
Part of the Contemporary Clarinet Conference
April 1, 2000, Bryan Recital Hall


Claudia Anderson and Jill Felber, flute and piccolo
with Robert Satterlee and John Piirainen, piano
November 3, 1998, Bryan Recital Hall

Trío Arbos
Miguel Borrego, violin, Jose Miguel Gomez, cello, and Juan Carlos Garavayo, piano
March 29, 1999, Bryan Recital Hall


The Wasteland Company with Abbie Conant
Street Scene for the Last Mad Soprano
Music, text, and direction, William Osborne
April 7, 1998, Kobacker Hall


Lisa Cella, flute, Anthony Burr, clarinet, and Stephen Gosling, piano
October 25, 1996, Bryan Recital Hall


Keiko Abe and The Michigan Chamber Players
Keiko Abe, marimba, Harry Sargous, oboe, Donald Sinta, saxophone, and Anthony Di Sanza and Michael Udow, percussion
September 16, 1995, Kobacker Hall


Cheryl Marshal, soprano, Caroline Almonte, piano
November 10, 1994, Bryan Recital Hall

The Cleveland Duo with James Umble
Carolyn Gadiel Warner, violin and piano, Stephen Warner, violin, and James Umble, saxophone
March 3, 1995, Bryan Recital Hall



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